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Simply more intelligent

Conferences should revolve around delegates and content. High-end technology should support communication while being as invisible as possible.
The MPS 170/270 video-conference board is an intelligent and elegant piece of furniture which fits harmoniously into any room. Hidden inside is all of the technology and wiring needed for complete visual and audio transmission as required by today’s video conferences. Everything is easily accessible and intuitively operable, and the finishes can be chosen to suit your environs. If you like, you can also obtain conference furniture designed to match the board perfectly. No more installations, conversions, or time-consuming assembly work.
The furniture, technology, and room form one perfect unit.

More means more

The elegant appearance of the MPS 170/270 video-conference board does not immediately show the intelligent technology contained within to help enable perfect video conferencing.

The freely suspended specialized pane made from composite glass hides cameras and 70-inch monitors in HD technology, producing brilliant images. All common video formats are supported. Mid-range speakers and tweeters are integrated invisibly into the pane. The soft-touch drawers, with their 19-inch standard grid design, provide easy access to all of the technical components, which can be upgraded or replaced at any time. A special mounting system means that the air flows freely around the devices without any fans, so your conference delegates will hear only what they want to hear.

One idea. Two sizes

One monitor or two? 181 cm of space or 362 cm? That’s the only question you will have to answer. It’s also the only major difference between the two models.

Maximum scope for design

One of the trademarks of Philip furniture is that the products are made individually by hand to the highest quality – which means that they can be adapted in any way required. Aside from the outstanding technology of the video-conference board, the different finishes give you a full range of design possibilities. Combined with our functional conference furniture, the system can be integrated effortlessly into the room in terms of form and aesthetics.

Flexible control

The ingenious control software allows you to control all of the room functions and the MPS 170/270 from a touch pad. Any signal can be switched to any monitor from any place in the room.