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  • Monitor system · 70-inch monitor with full-HD resolution, picture diagonal: 178 cm, resolution: 1920 × 1080 pixels.
  • Video-conference system · Professional video-conferencing system with full-HD camera for transmitting high-quality video images and sound.
  • Audio system · Flexural wave speakers for mid-range and high frequencies, mounted invisibly behind the pane, making it into the sound box. · Subwoofer to support low-frequency range. · 19-inch installed end stage, 2 × 100 watt stereo amplifiers, separated into mid- and high-frequency range and bass range.Digital sound processor, adjusts different volumes to the acoustics of the room, suppresses echo.
  • Media control system · Controls all technical components via an touch pad and WLAN, interface can be programmed as required by user.
MPS brochure (PDF File)